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Get one on one with mOOn mOnkey - Psychic Reading and Abductions in Grand Prairie right now. 13 years of career in Abductions.

About mOOn mOnkey's Services:

Spirit to Spirit- Truthful-Honest-Straight up Ufologist,Abduction research.*I offer exceptional services at affordable rates! No delays,I tune right into your Concerns & Needs

I will provide to you the best

“Psychic” reading, I am able to give.

I do not make EMPTY promises or FALSE guarantees

I will tell you what is shown

not tell you what you want to hear, for better ratings.

The bottom line is I am a very good honest reader.

Please Note: When seeking a reading from me

I do not need D.O.B or Names-Remember D.O.B and Names is a preference in Psychic reading and Not a rule

A note to the consumer,I m good at what I do,foremost you will never hear fluff from me, however what you perceive,from what I say is up to you,if you need clarification than please ask

I will be more than willing to go over the reading with you.I am hopeful you will be honest with the information I give you.

This profile is not just Another Roadside Attraction,I truly have talents to offer you.I give quality assurance with all my services.

Psychic Readings-are not set in stone and the Mystical and Paranormal can be unpredictable.

Reading Guidelines:

Just relax, the rest will fall into place.

I am a Master Teacher, Psychic & Occultist,a person is NOT born a Master it takes years of study and testing,to be awarded the title of Master in their chosen discipline(s)and recognition by peers

I am a Student/Historian of The Esoteric and LecturerI have taught and mentored 1000's of people the art of Psychic readings,Tarot,Symbols, Mediumship, and much more. I Never discuss or complain on any forums those questions the clients brings to me.

I do not discuss my readings or clients, with anyone.

Everything is confidential.*(\O/)* Love does not act unbecomingly - I Cor.13:5I'm not responsible or Accountable for what other psychic readers tell you.I can only tell you what I see and only what I see.

Please Be Truthful with your rating and review. If you the Client do NOT want what I have to offer then please pass on by.I can only tell what I see and as it is shown to me. From: D1983 Date: 6/14/2009 1:19:37 AM,

Moon. I just wanted to tell you once again how thankful I am to have spoken with you. I've spent almost two thousand dollars talking to psychic after psychic...getting false hope after false hope and feeling frustrated, sad and alone. You really have no idea just how much I needed to hear the truth from you tonight and even though it hurts like the dickens, for the first time in three years I feel like I'm going to be all right.I hope you continue to touch the lives of people who need you most. You've certainly touched mine. I hope the next time we speak, it's to ask you for advice on how to let that new guy into my heart :) Peace and blessings to you, Danielle

Experience & Qualifications

From Spirit to Spirit, Heart to Heart. I tell you what is shown to me.

I do many radio shows,I am a well know Master teacher and successful lecturer.

A "Master Occultist and Teacher" with many years experience,expert lecturer on Synchromysticism, candle magic, dreams, haunting,mythology,holy apparitions/mystical events, different types of possessions, mediation,I Ching,the list goes on and on,and still mentor many of those students & other "readers".

Being on radio and TV doesn't necessarily guarantee that Reader knows their discipline it just shows they know how to market themselves & marketing one- selves is not a bad thing.Ask question about the study make sure they know what they talk about.

I offer psychic bonding,with Good & safe boundaries assure.

I am excellent at decoding symbols,willing to help with interpretation of symbols if you would like.

What is left after all is said and done other than I know my Stuff,

I am Real.

You can ask any question on this discipline/Occult. I'm a excellent lecture on this topic. I have been in the paranormal field for many years The bottom line is that I am a darn good reader

all I can offer you is the truth per this readers eye:Veritas entis! (metaphysical truth)

I am a reader with very good psychic vision, many years of hands on study

Simply put I am real

*Please do not press hire until I ask you to,as I want to make sure I am "connecting properlyPlease be honest with the information I give you. ♥PLEASE READ,Disclaimer ♥-I will make every effort to provide you with caring,fun service. I am not a replacement for the qualified counsel of doctors,lawyers, psychiatrists,counselors,priests Financial adviser or other such professionals.Everything I tell you,and all else on these pages, is not to give advice or make decisions for you,but only to provoke thought. Please understand that the responsibility of making life decisions and choosing ones path rests entirely on you, as you are the final arbitrator in any personal decision-making.The divination readings I give are done for your entertainment value only.Please Note-I am NOT a counselor I am a “Psychic” Reader and there is a huge difference.L.P. Offers a great selection of psychological counselor to choose from if you should need their services.Please, do not use psychic's in lieu of professional help. If you feel or having Suicidal Ideation (Thoughts) please contact your local suicide hot line. If you are in the US call 1-800-784-2433,1-800-778-4838 or 911 for Emergency Service By clicking hire, you fully agree and understand this disclaimer. Thank you.


Back from a "Highly Successful 22 day lecture tour. It's wonderful to see you and to be back.Greetings to you I am Moon,I am graced to meet you,please enjoy your visit here,I have a lot to share and even more to give. Thank you for stopping by.I offer exceptional services at affordable rates! My question to you the consumer is, Why pay more $$ per minute when you can have the BEST for less $$ per minute?

Why Keep Spending more $$,when you can get More for less $$.So come see me today!

I do not drag out a reading,I will give you more in 2-3 minutes then you will get in other readings that take 5 Minutes or longer!

Read my reviews Most if not All say I am an honest and Fast!I am Good at what I do.Spirit to Spirit- Truthful-Honest-Straight up psychic reader.

Incredibly gifted with Love Insights and getting right to the root of the matter.

I will tell you what is shown to me with the utmost respect and sensitivity.I speak clearly & straight to the point

No mumbo jumbo or

catch phrasesWhat I see is what you will hear.

What is shown is what I will tell.I do understand that hearing the truth is not easy, "However" the truth is hardly doom and gloom the truth is liberating and clean, in my heart there is no such thing as the "ugly truth".

Please note,I present the information to you how it's presented to me, can I be wrong with the interpretation most certainly,can the interpretation be right,absolutely. The gift is never wrong just the human element can be

However please do NOT expect me to Tell you what you want to hear

I am here to tell you what I see and only what I see.I rather get a 1 * rating knowing I told you the TRUTH then receive 5 * paying you lip service.If you feel that you may not want to hear what I have to say then please do not hire.With all my spirit I wish a good reading with whom ever you choose.

I am a Master psychic reader and considered to be a scholar in Esotericism/Metaphysics/Occult studies by my colleagues; come speak to me,and you will also agree I know my stuff.

Esoteric practitioner, Paranormal researcher and Ghost hunter for over 38 years

I am an expert/scholar on the history,description with meaning of symbols,Esotericism, Occult spells and Terminology,Theory, Divination's/Paranormal/History and explanation are ready at your request,

I will bring to you the rich and colorful world of this wondrous study/oracle,it's energy impression and its language.

I am quick and my readings clear,

I am reliable when it comes to explaining the paranormal/symbols & meaning of the Occult and psychic world.

I have been doing psychic readings for 33 years and been teaching/lecturing/mento

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